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Todays modern people think that herbal treatment is a long and lots of irritation.This kind of illusion are already inserted on peoples mind.Homiyopethic takes lots of time and to use it carry many rules and regulation rather than alopethic.This all conversation are done now a days also we think that alopethic is more benefecial than herbal treatment. but the trusth is not understand this we had heard many story from previous era and have watched on tv also.At Ramayan, in the war between Rama and Rawan,Laxman was injured when he was hit by arrow and he was treated by SANJIVNI JADIBUTI and many other wounded people were also treated from herbal.After that lets take the example of Mahabharat,at the war between Kaurav and pandav many people were also injured and by using various herbal all were treated and they recover soon.Now take another example ,when Laxman was wounded if alopethic treatment were done then could Laxman be alive and go for war again? We have heard and seen also after giving SANJIVNI JADIBUTI to Laxman ,he immediately went for war.So, this can show us that herbal treatment are not long way,it is short and very beneficial too.

Luza Make up Studio & Skin Care Center Pvt. Ltd or Luza Herbal Products Pvt.Ltd tooks lots of year to research it and make one facial which is imposible to found at any other country except or office in which 21 green vegetable and 9 are mixture of herbal products.If any people found chemical in our products and prove it we will reward Rs 1,00,000.It is that kind of facila which can be done by any age of people and everyday.Its doesn't have any side effect anbd it won't be too.And all people who want to do chemical free facial than please give us the oppurtunity and feel the difference.

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Luza Make up Studio & Skin Care Center Pvt. Ltd or Luza Herbal Products Pvt.Ltd has been established since 2054B.S Mangsir 20.That time Luza Herbal products market didn't went upto our expectation,though we continue our treatment to our regular customer.We didn't compete to our any competator ,we were steping our step as a tortoise and day by day our business had improved and as a result now Luza Herbal is sucessfully made to win thousands heart from your support and love.

Luza Make up Studio & Skin Care Center Pvt. Ltd or Luza Herbal Products Pvt.Ltd has got all this good feedback because of your love and trust for our Herbal Products.Once there were only 3 and 4 customer and now we have more than thousands of customer for doing treatment on Luza herbal.So,it is clear that Luza Herbal won't say it will tell u from it's work too.Now Luza Herbal has reach upto that sucess even from Hetauda to Slukhumbhu,Mechi to Mahakali who comes to Kathmandu will definetly visit our shows that Luza Herbal is known by everyone and they trust us too.